Ted's Own Language Learning Experience

Ted understands the difficulty of learning English as a second language, because he has spent over 30 years learning Chinese as a second language.

Ted grew up in the US and was blessed by God to have parents who sent him to good schools with very good teachers who encouraged questions in class, so he asked lots of questions and loved learning (except for English and biology). Overall, God allowed him to do well in school. However, many of his classmates in the 1970s were rebellious and disliked studying. Many classmates ridiculed people who were "nerds" (students who like studying), so Ted tried to mind his own business and try to avoid appearing to be too much like a "nerd."

Ted came to Hong Kong in 1987 and informally learned Chinese. He never attended any formal classes, but he learned through friends, colleages, TV, movies, books and day-to-day interaction with people in real life situations. He has probably spent thousands of hours of active booklearning (self-study) and thousands of hours of passive language absorption in his work and daily life activities. He considers himself to be intermediate in his Cantonese speaking and at a primary school level in Chinese reading. He doesn't intend to stop learning.

Ted has three children who were born in Hong Kong and attended local schools from K1 to S6. The eldest started in 1992, and the youngest finished in 2016. Thus, Ted has spent many hours helping his children survive the local school system - mainly when they were in primary school. Sometimes, he personally helped them with their Chinese and English dictation and exam preparations - just like most Hong Kong parents do. Eventually, Ted's children found that people in tutorial centres were more helpful, but the experience of learning together was very special. How many parent-child classmates have you met?

None of Ted's children attended international schools. He and his wife wanted them to learn to be fluent in both English and Chinese, because these are the two dominant languages in the world today. Although this meant a lot of hard work for his children, he believes it made them better people. He also believes that language is the key to understanding people and their cultures. After all, what you don't know can hurt you! Ted knows many Americans who are extremely brainwashed by the US mainstream media and have no clue what the world is really like outside the US borders. However, Ted has watched from a distance for 30 years and is shocked by how bad the US culture has gotten, as it has turned away from Jesus and the Bible and has instead turned to all kinds of evil influences and has embraced all kinds of evil behavior and evil spirits. Ted is also sad as he watches God's judgment on the US in the form of terrorism, economic trouble and strange weather. He expects things will get worse in months and years ahead - like famine, civil war and foreign invasion. (See Ezekiel 14:12-23.)